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Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona Professional Wood Cleaner

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Bona Professional Series Cleaning Products
Stone, Tile & LaminateHardwood Floor Cleaner

The Bona Pro Series hardwood floor cleaner is a professional-grade floor cleaning solution especially designed for cleaning hardwood floors that are coated with a clear and unwaxed finish. It is an eco-friendly professional-strength cleaning solution from Bona, a manufacturer of floor care solutions specializing in wood floors.

Why Choose the Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Leaves floors looking great. The Bona Pro Series hardwood floor cleaner leaves excellent results every time. It is capable of producing a level of clean that will please even meticulous homeowners and commercial users. The cleaner can strip away all dirt, debris, and spots from hardwood floors without leaving any residue. It can also do all these without dulling the floor’s finish so that your hardwood floors will look polished and sleek.

Safe, eco-friendly cleaning. This solution is non-toxic and is water-based, so it is safe not only for your floors but also for the inhabitants of the room. It is also non-flammable and is perfectly safe for use at home. The GREENGUARD certification also promises that it is safe for use even in homes or establishments where children are primary inhabitants, such as schools or daycare centers. It is an ideal product for those who prefer the responsible way of cleaning their floors.

pH neutral. The Bona Pro Series hardwood floor cleaner uses a unique pH neutral formula, making sure the environment inside your home and office stays safe and healthy even if you use the floor cleaner regularly.

Buying Guide

The Bona Pro Series hardwood floor cleaner is available in a 32-oz. container with a built in spray. It is also available in 128-oz. or gallon refills. If you already have a spray container, you can buy the refill to get a better value, then just pour the cleaning solution into the spray bottle.

This cleaner is also available in a concentrated form, which can be bought by the gallon or in smaller containers of 4 ounces each. The 4-oz. concentrates can be bought in packs of 6, 12, or 24, if 1 unit is not enough. It is more convenient to buy the larger packs since a single 4-oz. refill won’t last that long especially if you have a lot of floor space to cover.

If you want to save money, you can also buy the hardwood cleaner kit from Bona. This features the same Pro Series hardwood floor cleaner in a 32-oz. spray container plus 6 units of 4-oz. Bona concentrate cleaner refills. Many homeowners prefer buying the small 4-oz. refills since they are easier to pour and to store. This kit offers excellent value as well.

About Bona

Bona has been providing high quality floor care products for hardwood floors since 1919. Their expertise in this specific field of floor care gives you plenty of reason to trust no other brand but Bona. They also offer floor mops that can be used in conjunction with their cleaning solutions. Their mops feature durable and ergonomic designs, and they are also specifically designed to clean hardwood floors. Since wood floors are delicate and need to be cleaned with care, it is highly reassuring to trust a brand that specialize in wood cleaning over general floor cleaning.

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop
Spray Mop • Refil Cartridge • Microfiber Pads

bona hardwood floor spray mop combo

A premium spray mop combo, includes Microfiber Mop and Bona Hardwood Refill Cartridge all in one! Quick, easy to use, and leaves no dulling residue.

Safe for all types of all residential wood floors.

Durable, ergonomic design with refillable cartridge and machine washable pad.

Online Price: $59.95

bona blue microfiber floor cleaning pad

white bona dusting pad

Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95


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