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Imagine cleaning your floors and carpets with the purity of simple H2O (water)! The dream is now a reality with the remarkable Steamboy Pro 200CU steam floor mop. Plug it in, turn it on, and in seconds the Steamboy will change the way you clean.

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The Reliable Steamboy Pro 200CU is an affordable yet powerful upright type steam cleaner from Reliable.
Chemical-Free Cleaning:  Priced at $99, the Pro 200CU is capable of steam cleaning any surface to help get rid of bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, mildew and other pollutants, minus the use of chemicals and minus the hassle of hauling around a canister and winding up a hose.  The steam mop can be used like any cleaning mop, thanks to its slim and lightweight body, except that it is equipped with a powerful heating element that lets out enough steam to kill any existing microorganisms.  This chemical-free cleaning equipment offers the safest way of cleaning the surfaces in your home.

A Versatile Cleaning Tool:  Like any other steam mop on the market, the Steamboy Pro 200CU is designed only for cleaning floors. Unlike canister type models, which can be used to clean stairs, upholstery, furniture, curtains, shelves, and so on, the steam mop is a bit more limited due to its configuration.  But if you need a steam cleaner mostly for cleaning floors, then the Pro 200 CU is a better choice than any canister steam cleaner, which requires a lot of bending over.  The Pro 200 CU is easier to use because it does not put a strain on your back and also promotes proper posture.  Since it is light, it is easy to maneuver and operate without putting a strain on your hand and wrist.  Reliable also designed the steam mop to be just flexible enough to allow you to clean tight spaces thanks to a unique 180-degree swiveling head.

The Pro 200CU holds several advantages over other steam mops, it is flexible enough to tackle any kind of flooring, as long as it stays on the ground.  It can clear sealed hardwood floors, tile floors, slate, marble, or even ceramic floors, and effortlessly strip them of dust mites, mold, or germs.  In fact, according to user reviews, the steam mop can easily remove even sticky and oily stains and spills even from tile or vinyl surfaces, which are especially susceptible to liquid stains.

Cleaning Capacity and Efficiency: Aside from its flexibility, the Pro 200CU is also powerful. Equipped with a 1500 watt heating element, it can produce hot steam instantly, which means you don?t need to wait for the unit to heat up, a common disadvantage in canister type models. Once you turn it on, you can start cleaning for 30 minutes straight, during which the steam mop will release steam continuously.  This is due to the 2.4-cup water capacity of the mop.  Within a span of 30 minutes, however, you can cover quite a large area already considering how the Pro 200CU’s cleaning width is 11 inches, and since the steam contains very little moisture, the surface dries almost instantly.

A Long Lasting Cleaning Companion:  On top of its regular operation, the Steamboy Pro 200CU has a replaceable water filter, which helps soften the water and make sure no scale builds up on the inside of the water tank.  This helps extend the life span of the steam mop so you can get more years out of it.

The Steamboy Pro 200CU Package:  So what will you get from the Steamboy Pro 200CU package?  Aside from the unit itself, you will get 2 microfiber cloth pads, both of which are machine washable.  You also get a 1-year warranty package, which is undeniably limited compared to the warranty package that Reliable offers along with its canister type models.  Since the upright type has fewer moving parts, a 1 year warranty is enough to assure you of its longevity.

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