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Ladybug Steam Cleaners

The above demonstration shows the many different applications for this professional household and commercial steam cleaner!

What is TANCS®?
Patented Ladybug Steam Cleaner Technology

Thermal Accelerated Nano
Crystal Sanitation

Using a proprietary water treatment process, nanocrystals are formed within tap water in the ladybug steam cleaner. When this water is transformed into super-heated steam, the crystals are energized and compromise the function of microbial cell walls. Microorganisms are then readily exposed to lethal heat limits – giving you disinfection capability while you clean!

Nelson Labs of Utah certified that a 7-second exposure to Ladybug Steam Cleaner TANCS steam vapor produces a 5-7 log reduction in microbes and was consistently achieved on all microorganisms tested. This is thousands of times better than any direct applied water disinfecting process using chemicals.

Ladybug Steam Cleaner TANCS®

– Uses ordinary tap water
– Disinfects
– Eliminates and controls biofilms (microorganisms attached to surfaces)
– Energy-efficient
– Removes chemical residues
– Eliminates steam scaling
– Extended Ladybug steam cleaner warranty
– 3 years parts, 8 years on the boiler

The FAQs and More

More About Ladybug Steam Cleaner TANCS® Technology!

Frequently Asked Questions – Vapor Steam

Residential or Household Applications

Ladybug Accessories

The Ladybug Accessories

Shop: Brushes, Tools, & more

The Grout Cleaning Store has one of the largest selections of Ladybug steam cleaner accessories to choose from. Shop a variety of attachment including brushes, nozzles, tools, bags, extensions and more! You will find a tool for just about every cleaning applications.

Ladybug Steam Cleaners & Steam Cleaner Accessories
Shop professional steam cleaners by Ladybug including a complete line of Ladybug steam cleaner accessories.

Ladybug Vapor Cleaner as seen on TVSuperior to their rivals, the Ladybug Steam Cleaner 2200S & Ladybug Steam Cleaner 2150S use dry vapor steam to clean faster and more effectively than chemical disinfectants. Ladybug Steam Cleaners use high temperature, chemical free dry-steam-vapor. Dry vapor allows for a superior level of deep cleaning to quickly lift dirt to the surface and kills bed bugs, germs, mold, dust mites & more. Ladybug Steam Cleaners offer the convenience of continuous steam. This makes lengthy tasks easy! NO Stopping to refill, Ladybug Steam Cleaners are great for homes & commercial applications! *No returns or exchanges on Ladybug steam cleaners.

Ladybug Tekno 2350

Ladybug Tekno 2350

Online Price: $2049.00

Ladybug Tekno 2350   

The Ladybug Tekno 2350 is perfect for all types of spaces, including many types of business purposes. The larger cold water reservoir and the availability of the trolley make this system perfect…. Read More

Ladybug 2300 TANCS

Ladybug 2300 (TANCS)

Online Price: $1875.00

Ladybug 2300 w/TANCS

The Ladybug 2300 w/TANCS has the greatest pressure & highest temperature of 298°F of any of the Ladybug Steam Cleaners. It only takes 120°F to kill bed bugs. Bacteria and mold… Read More

Ladybug 2300

Ladybug 2300

Online Price: $1625.00

Ladybug 2300 NO TANCS

The Ladybug 2300 steam cleaner offers commercial quality dry steam vapor with the convenience of continuous fill. This lightweight commercial grade dry vapor steam cleaner is great for… Read More

Ladybug 2200S

Ladybug 2200s (TANCS)

Online Price: $1599.00

Ladybug 2200s w/TANCS

The Ladybug 2200S w/TANCS (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) uses no chemicals and requires only tap water to sanitize and disinfect your home or office. This standard… Read More

Ladybug 2200S

Ladybug 2200s

Online Price: $1349.00

Ladybug 2200s NO TANCS

Ladybug 2200S is EPA certified to eliminate harmful organisms which helps to promote a clean home. Clean & disinfect kitchens, bathrooms & other high traffic areas with the… Read More

Ladybug 2150

Ladybug 2150

Online Price: $1095.00

Ladybug 2150 NO TANCS

The Ladybug 2150 uses extreme heated vapor rather than harmful toxic chemicals to clean. The Ladybug 2150 steam cleaner removes dirt, mold, mildew including many other… Read More

Why You Should Choose Ladybug Steam Cleaners

Ladybug steam cleaners are some of the most sought after steam cleaners on the market. Renowned for their effectiveness and reliability, Ladybug’s products have come to be known as the number one choice as far as steam cleaners go. Known as the prestigious brand when it comes to steam cleaners, you’ll never go wrong if you choose this brand. In fact, there’s no question that if you want your money to go a long way, you should buy a Ladybug machine. The only other consideration you have to make is which model you should buy.

Ladybug’s steam cleaners are divided into four main lines, namely:

  • Ladybug 2150 Stream CleanerLadybug 2150. As the entry level model, the Ladybug 2150 is the most affordable Ladybug steam cleaner. It is specifically designed for lighter uses and for consumers on a budget. But don’t let its low price dissuade you. The Ladybug 2150 is equipped with all the usual Ladybug technologies that all make it just as effective and as impressive as its siblings. This model features the same stainless steel boiler with a high 290 degrees F temperature rating, the same continuous fill technology, and the same long 15-foot power cord that offers excellent flexibility to the user. The 2150 is powered by a powerful 12-amp motor and can hold up to 1.8 quarts in the boiler and 1.5 quarts in the reservoir. It can also build up a total pressure rating of up to 60 psi. Best of all, the Ladybug 2150 ships with a 13-piece accessory set.
  • Ladybug 2200 Steam CleanerLadybug 2200S. The Ladybug 2200S Steam Cleaner is a slightly more expensive version of the 2150. The two models have several similarities, including their looks, except for the fact that the 2200S can be fitted with an optional TANCS disinfection system. The TANCS, or Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation System, is a disinfection device that the EPA recommends. If you want your steam cleaner to offer the cleaning benefits of this system but you are still on a budget, the 2200S is ideal for you.
  • Ladybug XL2300. If you have greater needs and the 2150 and 2200S don’t seem capable of doing the job, move up a level to the XL2300. This is a way more powerful steam cleaner from Ladybug. It comes with the same continuous fill system but is powered by a 1500-watt 12.5 amp motor, and a larger 2.2 quart boiler capacity. It can be purchased with or without the TANCS option.
  • Ladybug Steam Cleaner 2300Ladybug Tekno 2350. If you want Ladybug’s best offer, get the Tekno 2350. With a built-in TANCS disinfection system, you will no doubt get the best cleaning a steam cleaner can offer. This steam cleaner can achieve a boiler temperature of up to 320 degrees F, courtesy of its powerful 1700-watt motor, which can achieve up to 80 psi of pressure. This, together with the TANCS option, the commercial grade attachments, and the convenient Ladybug features, the Tekno 2350 will leave you totally impressed with its cleaning capabilities.

Aside from all their great features, Ladybug steam cleaners are also known for one other thing: their unique, iconic design. Decked in smooth, seamless red cases with black accents, it’s no wonder where these machines got their name. But aside from aesthetics, Ladybug steam cleaners also offer durability that you can count on. All in all, these cleaning appliances will serve you thoroughly and effectively for a long time.

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