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I owned my own commercial cleaning service for a number of years and am currently a thirteen year Facilities manager for a 125,000 square foot Church. With my cleaning service I did not bid on floor work that had dirty grout because I knew from talking with others in the industry that grout cleaning was difficult at best. At the Church I am Facilities manager, we recently doubled our size adding a new Worship Center, Offices and Music wing. The restrooms all have porcelain tile with wide grout lines. They immediately starting to get really dirty. I tried a number of professional products. Nothing worked. Finally I ran on to your product, Groutrageous. Absolutely works as advertised! Apply, let sit for only a few minutes, quick, light scrub, rinse and as good as new. Seriously great product!

Chuck S.     Return to Top – Sent: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 7:00 pm

Before Groutrageous grout cleaner stem #1I just got a quote from a professional tile and grout cleaning company, and I was so shocked! $1300+! Ridiculous! I got a second quote from another company, and it was close to the same thing! I thought it would be closer to around $200-300 to clean grout but I was way wrong. I ventured to my nearest home improvement center and bought what the staff suggested for cleaning grout myself. Came home, wife’s been bugging me for weeks to clean up, and I spent the next hour on my hands and knees trying to scrape up all the dirt from my grout with a freakin’ toothbrush, and I felt like a fool, wasting lots of time.

After Groutrageous grout cleaner step #1So, I hopped on the internet, looked around and came across your website. Gave you guys a call on your toll-free number and spoke to Iris, who was very nice and helpful and told me about your Groutrageous grout cleaner, and even told me about your brush to prevent me from being on my hands and knees like I was last time. She even guaranteed it would work. Decided to give that a try, couple days later I had the product in my hands (fast shipping, by the way) and it was every bit as good as Iris made it out to be. Not only is your Groutrageous an outstanding grout cleaner, the brush did keep me off the floor and made the job go even faster. I was able to save a few hundred dollars over having people come out and do it. Thanks, I’ll be a repeat customer for a long time.

Danny, PA     Return to Top

I just cleaned my heavily soiled grout in two entryways and my family room with Groutrageous. When I say heavily soiled I mean it – it was oily dirt and deeply ground into a cream color grout. I had cleaned it on hands and knees two years prior with products from Home Depot and nearly killed myself! So I was not looking forward to the process, but with Groutrageous, it was so much easier. The cleaner did the hard work, not me. The grout brush is great too – no bending or crawling on the floor. Great product – the best I have ever used! My grout looks brand new – really! I’d definitely recommend it to anybody. A million thanks!

Jill B., Houston TX     Return to Top

I bought your Groutrageous Grout Cleaner, and it works. That’s not just a “oh, it works”, that’s a “WOW, that works AMAZING!”. I’ll be a repeat customer for a looong time. Thank you!

Steve M., TX     Return to Top

Hello GroutCleaningStore – or should I say GroutCleaningExperts,

I bought one of your Ladybug vapor grout/tile cleaning machines a few days ago and just received it about 2 hours prior to this email. Let me say that in addition to the very fast shipping, in the past 2 hours using this machine I’ve been able to get my grout and tiles looking absolutely incredible. Never in a million years would I have thought that having cleaner floors would actually make my house FEEL better as well as look better. It’s a great feeling being able to have such spotless floors in such a short time, it’s also great for when company comes over and I need to touch up a few spots.

P.S. Please give Iris my sincere thanks for taking the time to explain how the Ladybug works and all the other little details about it. She did an excellent job and definitely deserves a raise! I owe my wonderfully clean floor to her.

B. Reiser, IL     Return to Top

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