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Koblenz P-820 Floor Cleaning Machine

koblenz p820

Koblenz P-820New Models

Koblenz P-820A-12 Is An Extremely Veritable Floor Cleaner This Koblenz floor machine is popularly used to clean, scrub, & wax bare surfaces or floors. Plastic housing, w/out “T” bar control handle, this floor cleaning machine is perfect for home use. Use the New Koblenz P-820 A-12 for polishing bare floors, as a floor buffer, or even a carpet shampooer & cleaner. Don’t Forget to Purchase Carpet Shampoo!

  • Commercial Motor 4.2 Amp/1,100 RPM
  • 2 Speed Settings(high/low)
  • Color:Black/White
  • 140oz Tank Capacity
  • Metal Reinforced Motor/Handle
  • T-Style Handlebar for even more control
  • Size:12"width x 44"height
  • Included Brush/Pad Pairs:
  • 2 Scrubbing Brushes
  • 2 Shampoo Brushes
  • 2 Polishing Pads
  • 2 Buffing Pads

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Koblenz P-820 Shampooer, Polisher, and Buffer
The Ultimate Hard Surface Floor Companion

The Koblenz P-820 is a multi-purpose floor shampooer and polisher that’s especially great for cleaning hardwood floors and tile floors. The P-820 is designed to achieve the cleanest that your hard-surface floors can get by combining polishing, buffing, waxing, and shampooing in just one machine. This all-in-one hard floor cleaner is the only maintenance tool you will need for keeping your hard floors clean.

Motor Power

The Koblenz P-820 is powered by a 4.2-amp motor. This is no ordinary motor, however. It features an all-metal construction, thick bronze gears, and 2 brush speeds, ensuring durability, efficiency, and effective cleaning. The two brush speeds offer a maximum cleaning power of 900 RPM, which can certainly clean even heavily soiled flooring. With this power, you can clean your floors and make them ready for use in as little as 30 minutes.

Lightweight, Long-Lasting Construction

The P-820 features a unique poly housing, which is different from the all-metal housing that Koblenz uses in some of its other floor cleaners. Although the metal housing seems longer-lasting, the poly housing has its advantages. Of course, Koblenz uses a tougher type of poly material, but unlike metal which comes with a bit of weight, the poly housing is so much lighter, thus making the machine easier to operate and move around. This will offer you greater freedom and flexibility while cleaning.

Solution Tank System

The P-820 minimizes the effort you need to exert in cleaning your hard floors. To further drive the point, the unit uses a well-designed solution dispensing system that can accommodate any type of cleaning solution you are using. The solution is kept in a large 120 oz. tank with a lock down cap, and can be dispensed via a fingertip solution control mechanism. The control is located near the all-steel T-grip handle.

Brushes and Pads

Part of the secret of deep and thorough cleaning that Koblenz offers is the whole set of brushes and pads that the P-820 comes with. Each of these brushes and pads are especially designed and their materials are especially hand-picked to make sure that they exert the best cleaning action possible.

The P-820 comes with:

  • 1 pair of shampoo brushes – These brushes use polyethylene bristles to more effectively remove dirt and debris.
  • 1 pair of tan polishing pads – These polishing pads can redistribute the wax all throughout your hard floors to create an initial shine that can be further enhanced by using the lambswool pads.
  • 1 pair of power scrub brushes – These power scrub brushes can tackle even heavily soiled flooring.
  • 1 pair of lambswool buffing pads – The perfect finishers to your floor cleaning tasks, these buffing pads are made of fine lambswool to create a fine luster and leave your hard surface floors looking all sleek and polished. Since they are made of a delicate cleaning material, the pads can clean without leaving behind unsightly swirl marks.

By combining a powerful motor, a durable yet lightweight body, a user-friendly cleaning system, and especially designed brushes and pads, the Koblenz P-820 offers the best way of maintaining the cleanliness and shine of your hard surface floors.

Carpet Shampoo for Koblenz

the grout cleaning store

Carpet Shampoo
Size: 1 Gal
Price: $34.95

Allergen Control Formula
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the grout cleaning store

Carpet Shampoo
Size: 32 oz.
Price: $12.95

Allergen Control Formula
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Koblenz Replacement Brushes

the grout cleaning store

Tile Scrubbing Brush
Price: $34.50

Koblenz Scrubbing Brush, great scrubbing application for cleaning grout and tile. Koblenz Tile Scrubbing Brush removes imbedded dirt and grime on any hard floor. Do not use on carpets. This brush also works as a base for pads.

the grout cleaning store

Carpet Shampoo Brush
Online Price: $34.50

Koblenz Carpet Shampoo Brush offers the following replacement brush to deep clean carpets with shampoo foam. Does not require soaking. Do not use with pads.

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Koblenz Polishing Pads
Online Price: $16.95

Koblenz Polishing Pads remove and redistribute wax layers and improves luster to create a more durable coat. Koblenz polishing pads also remove scuff marks. Mounts directly on the Tile Scrubbing Brushes.

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Hardwood Buffing Pads
Online Price: $15.95

Koblenz Lambswool Buffing Pads will improve the luster and shine on wood and other hard surfaces. Mount directly on tile / grout scrubbing brush. Soft to prevent scuffing of hardwood floors.

Grout Cleaner for Koblenz Cleaning Machines

Grout and tile maintainer

Step #3 Tile & Grout Maintainer
1 Gallon
Special Price: $34.95

Sofix Marble/Stone Cleaner
1 Liter
Special Price: $9.99