The Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner (w/ Features, Specs, and Comparisons)

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner

Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner Documentation

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Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC

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Product Information:


The new Brio Pro 1000CC takes on the most challenging cleaning and sanitizing jobs with ease. From hospitals and schools to restaurants and hotels the Brio Pro 1000CC beats the performance and price of comparable machines in the steam-cleaning category.


Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture and since the only ingredient required for the Brio Pro 1000CC is water, commercial cleaning has never been safer, healthier, more cost-effective or environmentally friendly. The premium choice for professionals and the most discerning homeowners.


• 2.6 L – .68 gallon boiler tank
• 3.1 L – .81 gallon water tank
• Steam tank temperature 151º C – 303.8º F
• Bacteria is killed at 140º C – 284º F
• Higher body for efficient air-flow, reduces internal heat
• 1750W heating element


With CSS you will never run out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Simply refill the water tank when the water level is low and away you go.


Prevents scale built-up in the machine, and makes water softer leaving no residue on cleaned surfaces.

What is emc2?

The Electromagnetic Mineral Crystallization Chamber is a powerful magnetically charged “filter” inside the Brio Pro 1000CC. EMC2 converts the molecular structure of larger minerals found in tap water (like calcium), into smaller ‘crystallized’ molecules.

How does emc2 work?

By crystallizing the molecular structure, calcium and magnesium minerals are rendered smaller and lighter. This allows the minerals to float on the surface of the water in the tank rather than sink to the bottom as sediment. As such, there is no scale build up in the machine. In fact not only is the life of the machine extended, but the steam containing crystallized minerals much like ‘soft’ water, leaves no residue. this is an even more effective method of sanitizing surfaces, than that of steam generated without the use of emc2.

Why choose emc2?

By adding the emc2 advantage to the already powerful 6 Bar (87psi) operating steam pressure and hot water rinse system of the Brio Pro 1000CC, we’ve created the leading professional chemical-free steam cleaning and sanitizing machine.


Aided by EMC2, the stainless steel AISI 304 steam tank is covered by a 5 year limited warranty. The upper (ABS) and lower (PA66 – 30% fiberglass, heat and fire resistant to 220º C) portion of the Brio Pro 1000CC are both strong and flexible.


Our 6-bar (87 psi) operating pressure ensures outstanding professional results.


Made in Italy, the best steam cleaning methods include the use of superior quality accessories. Everything you need to get started is included. Just add water!


The control panel on the Brio Pro 1000CC indicates which steam setting is being used. The pressure gauge allows for monitoring of the systems steam pressure.


Low, medium and high pressure settings on the handle allow the operator to control the steam pressure, including a hot-water flush setting for removal of debris.

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC – Huge Power in a Pea-Sized Canister

The Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC steam cleaner is a powerful yet surprisingly compact canister type steam cleaner from Reliable. If your image of canister type steam cleaners is of the bulky type, then this model will change your mind. But although its size is quite small, it packs in a lot of power and is every bit as powerful as any professional model, as even its name implies. So if you’re specifically looking for a powerful, commercial-grade steam cleaner but have special reasons for paying more for an especially compact model, then the Brio Pro 1000CC is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Key Features

The Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC comes with all of Reliable’s top steam cleaning technologies, including:

  • CSS or Continuous Steam System. This is a special system that allows you to add more water to the unit to extend your cleaning time without first stopping the unit. Although this seems like a very simple system, it actually makes a lot of difference if you take into consideration the time it will take you to warm up the unit again after turning it back on.
  • Dry steam system. Reliable’s steam cleaning system deodorizes and sanitizes any surface or room using only heat and moisture. This makes sure no chemicals are used in cleaning your home or rooms, making them not just clean but also safe and healthy. Even those who use the Brio Pro 1000CC will also be spared from the health risks that chemical cleaners pose.
  • 1750-watt heating element. With a powerful heating element, the Brio Pro 1000CC is capable of achieving high steam temperatures to make sure the heat kills all the bacteria it lands on. At its peak, it can generate a steam tip temperature of 257 degrees F and a steam tank temperature of 320 degrees F at a pressure of 87 psi.
  • Higher body design. One of the unique things about the Brio Pro 1000CC is its unusual higher body design, which allows for sufficient airflow and therefore reduces the internal heat of the unit.
  • EMC2. This is a special system that helps prevent the build up of sediments as well as scaling in the boiler. This helps prolong the life of the unit and maintain its performance at the peak level.

Bearing all these powerful features, the Brio Pro 1000CC can kill dust mites, mold, mildew, bed bugs, bacteria, and other allergens on contact. As a result, it can clean any kind of surface and can even be used to clean car interiors and tile grout. And since the dry steam system does not leave behind any residue, the surface you clean also stays clean for a longer time. Due to the absence of chemical cleaners, the life of any equipment or surface can also be prolonged.

Key Specs

The Brio Pro 1000CC boasts of several key specs that further back the fact that this is one optimum quality machine. First, there’s the boiler and water reservoir tanks, which can hold 2.6 L and 3.2 L respectively. With such high capacities, the Pro 1000CC can continue cleaning larger spaces for an extended period of time.

Next, there’s the indicator lights, which tell you when the unit is ready to clean and when the water level is low. These indicators guide you as you operate the unit, together with the electronic control panel that comes with the unit’s body.

Thirdly, there’s the steam pressure adjustment knob, which is placed on the handle for the convenience of the user.

Fourth, the Pro 1000CC Features a long 15.4 feet electrical cord and a long 9.6 feet steam hose, both of which are specifically meant to make cleaning more flexible.

Added Accessories

The Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC comes with a 17-piece accessory set that includes:

  • Rectangular floor brush
  • Triangular brush with polyester bristles
  • Window cleaner with squeegee
  • Black upholstery scarper
  • Water funnel
  • 30 mm brush
  • 38 mm brush
  • Extension pipes
  • Nozzle
  • Flexible hose
  • Triangular brush pad
  • Rectangular brush pad
  • Drain opener key
  • Aluminum nozzle
  • Cleaning towel

On top of all these included accessories, you have the option to add a trolley system with a direct water feed.

Things to Note

There are a number of things to consider, however. The Brio Pro 1000CC requires 10 minutes before it heats up to a level that is ready for use. This is shorter than the heat up time of other units, but is longer compared to those of other models from Reliable, some of which are capable of heating up in just 4 minutes. This is due to the single heating element that the Brio Pro 1000CC uses instead of the usual dual heaters that other models use.

All in all, the Pro 1000CC from Reliable’s bestselling Brio line offers the performance of larger industrial models at the size of a smaller model. This is most ideal for clinics, small schools, boutique hotels, and offices where larger cleaning units are impractical but the cleaning and hygiene standards are high.

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