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Reliable Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley

Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley Package Documentation

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Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley

Online Price: $399.00

Product Information:


The 1000CT trolley provides a convenient moveable storage system for the Brio Pro 1000CC professional steam cleaner and includes a 1.3 gallon (5L) additional water capacity that connects directly to the steam cleaner.


Having all of your tools in one place is reason enough to opt for this functional accessory. Having more than 2 gallons (7.5L) of water on board means less refilling.


• Easy assembly, supplied with wrench
• Strong, lightweight tubular steel construction


The direct water feed includes everything you need to extend the cleaning range of your Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner including a 1.3 gallon (5L) bottle and the direct connection kit.


A shelf on the trolley provides storage for brushes and other small accessories, the (5) posts keep larger items in place, and a holder in the front keeps the hose assembly off the floor.


Since the point of a steam cleaner is to clean, we use no-mark wheels that feature a locking mechanism for the safety and comfort of the user.


Made in Italy with strict attention to quality components and construction. Designed to please aesthetically and to go beyond expectations for performance.

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley – The Ultimate Add-On for Your Steam Cleaner

The Reliable Brio Pro 1000CT Trolley is one of the optional accessories that Reliable makes available for users who have or are buying the Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner. This optional add-on is highly recommended for commercial users, especially those who use the steam cleaner on a regular basis such as clinics, hotels, and schools.

Improved mobility. This add-on trolley makes it easier for the end users to maneuver the unit and also helps get rid of the one major disadvantage that canister type vacuum cleaners have – the strain of having to bend down in order to move the unit.

Hassle-free storage. Aside from easier navigation, the trolley also makes it easy to store and haul all of your steam cleaning accessories together with the unit while you’re cleaning. If you have the Brio Pro 1000CC steam cleaner from Reliable, you will know that one of its major disadvantage is the absence of an onboard tool caddy, which means you will have nowhere to keep your accessories in. The trolley, however, solves this problem thanks to a built-in shelf that provides storage for the brushes plus five posts to help secure the position of your larger accessories. It also has a holder installed out front to make sure the hose assembly stays off the floor.

Additional capacity. But aside from making storage and mobility easier, the trolley also functions as an add-on water reservoir, thanks to its built-in 1.3 gallon or 5 liter additional water capacity that can connect to the steam cleaner. This expands the water capacity of the steam cleaner itself, which makes the trolley even more useful for those who have larger spaces to clean. The additional water capacity equates to longer cleaning times and larger cleaned spaces minus the need to keep on refilling the unit, especially since it also has a direct water feed system built into it. Just install the direct connection kit and started covering more areas than you did in the past. When combined with the onboard water tank, the Pro 1000CT trolley will increase the unit’s overall capacity to more than 2 gallons or 7.5 liters, which would mean fewer refills.

No-mark wheels. But what about the wheels? Some people are worried about using trolleys because their wheels might damage their flooring. Reliable, however, is better than that. Since the brand is an expert in steam cleaners, it is quite aware that a steam cleaner’s duty is to clean, not to leave marks behind. Thus, for the Brio Pro 1000CT trolley, the brand uses special no-mark wheels with a locking mechanism to ensure the safety of your floors and to make controlling the unit easier.

The Brio Pro 1000CT trolley, which is genuinely from Reliable, costs $399, and is a great addition to the Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaner. At this price, it already comes with a free wrench for easier assembly. The tubular steel construction also makes sure the trolley is durable, strong enough to carry all your accessories together with the unit itself, but lightweight enough to be easy to move around. As a movable storage system, it will undoubtedly make the Brio Pro 1000CC more convenient to use.

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