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Sofix Cleaning Products: Professional Quality

German made Quality & Responsibility. The Sofix Cleaning experts have more than 100 years experience in laundry and professional home care. Sofix floor care will bring back and maintain the luster of you home by using the following Sofix Cleaners: Sofix Marble & Stone Cleaner Sofix Parquet & Wood Cleaner.

Wood & Parquet Cleaner

sofix hardwood floor cleaner

Tile, Marble & Stone Cleaner

sofix marble and stone cleaner

Sofix Wood & Parquet Cleaner
(No Longer Sold Online)

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Sofix Tile, Marble & Stone Cleaner
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Perfect also for wood furniture! Sofix Parquet & Wood Cleaner is delicate on wood with a gentle cleaning solution that produces a natural shine.

With its special 3 in 1 formula, Sofix Parquet provides all-round care for your parquet or wood floor:

Additional Product Features!

Great for indoor and outdoor use! Sofix Marble & Stone Cleaner is a Gentle Cleaning product with Stain Protection & Higher Wear Resistance.

With its special 3 in 1 formula, Sofix Marble / Stone provides all-round care for your stone floors:

Additional Product Features!

Speed Mop Ultra w/ Microfiber Pad
Choose either a 22" or 16" Mop Head

bucketless mopping slution speedmop ultra

NO MORE GETTING ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES! The New Revolutionary way of Cleaning your Floors. Cleans in half the time compared to old-style mops and pails.

Cost Effective 3 times faster productivity than conventional string mops, effectively covering 22" or 16" per stroke.

Easy and lightweight. Handles like a dust mop not to mention it is Environmentally Friendly!
Learn More – Speed Mop Ultra

Cleaning Pad Not Included Please Order Below:

hardwood floor pad for speedmop ultramarble floor pad for speedmop ultra

Choose the size of your Speed Mop:

Add an Additional Microfiber Mop Head:

Step #1 Groutrageous Grout Cleaner

Step #1 Grout Cleaner by Groutrageous
1 Quart
Special Price: $19.95

Sofix Wood & Parquet Cleaner
1 Liter
Special Price: $9.99

Gator Professional Glass Cleaner
Special Price: $6.95

Grout and Tile Rinse

Step #2 Grout & Tile Rinse by Groutrageous
1 Quart
Special Price: $14.95