Grout Cleaning Companies, What is the Difference? Know your Pros
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Would a professional grout cleaning company use a tooth brush and store bought chemicals?

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Home Improvement Stores

Why do they sell 10 different kinds of grout cleaning products? Most of our customers are in agreement with us and have found products off the shelves just don’t work, wasting lots of time and money. The old backbreaking method of working on your hands and knees using a toothbrush will just lead to frustration and poor results. Does a professional grout cleaning company use toothbrushes? NO!

The Other Grout Cleaning Companies

questionable office workers illustrationNowadays, it seems like everybody is getting into the grout business. It’s very lucrative, and when using the best grout products and grout brushes available, it just makes the job much easier.

Where do they get their grout cleaning chemicals? Would they use a toothbrush and get on their hands and knees to clean your grout? NO! The type of commercial quality grout product (grout cleaning product) are found in janitorial stores which are off-limits to the public. Commercial quality grout cleaning products work far better than store-bought products from home improvement centers. We at TheGroutCleaningStore have decided to go public with our professional strength Groutrageous Grout Cleaner™ due to the overwhelming demand and need for the best grout cleaner you can find.

We at get professional grout cleaning companies calling us every day wanting to private-label it for their own use. We ship out thousands of gallons per week all over the United States and South America. Our list of clients includes the Chicago Airport, Hilton Hotels all across the country, restaurants and food service stores, retail shops, shopping malls, a ton of convention centers in Las Vegas, warehouses, medical clinics, even other tile and floor stores, and we’re growing every day!

"When other grout cleaning companies prices get outrageous, do-it-yourself and get Groutrageous™!"

Companies often charge more for their products and services, than offer a rebate or sale to mark it down to what they originally intended to sell it for. Offering these special $200 so-called "rebates" (coupons), when you find out the cost, or estimate to do the job, it will be a jaw-dropping shock. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Companies exist to make a profit.

Learn the Right Way to Clean Grout!

groutrageous stem1 grout cleanerGroutrageous™ Grout Cleaner
Shop for the best grout cleaning products. Remove grout like the professionals!

woman cleaning rug with ladybug steam cleanerVapor / Steam Cleaners Shop Chemical free Steam Cleaning Machines like Ladybug, Reliable, & Euroflex Monster.

grout cleaning brushesGrout Cleaning Brushes Tile grout cleaning made easy. For best results use brushes with Groutrageous™ grout cleaner.

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SAVE by Choosing from all in one Grout Cleaning Packages. FREE grout brush with every "kit" purchased.

Other types of grout
Grout and tile maintainer

Step #3 Tile & Grout Maintainer
1 Gallon
Special Price: $34.95

Step #1 Groutrageous Grout Cleaner

Step #1 Grout Cleaner by Groutrageous
1 Quart
Special Price: $19.95