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I owned my own commercial cleaning service for a number of years and am currently a thirteen year Facilities manager for a 125,000 square foot Church. With my cleaning service I did not bid on floor work that had dirty grout because I knew from talking with others in the industry that grout cleaning was difficult at best. At the Church I am Facilities manager, we recently doubled our size adding a new Worship Center, Offices and Music wing. The restrooms all have porcelain tile with wide grout lines. They immediately starting to get really dirty. I tried a number of professional products. Nothing worked. Finally I ran on to your product, Groutrageous. Absolutely works as advertised! Apply, let sit for only a few minutes, quick, light scrub, rinse and as good as new. Seriously great product!

Chuck S.     Return to Top – Sent: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 7:00 pm

Before Groutrageous grout cleaner stem #1I just got a quote from a professional tile and grout cleaning company, and I literally almost crapped my pants. $1300+! Ridiculous! I got a second quote from another company, and it was close to the same thing! I thought it would be closer to around $200-300 to clean grout but I was way wrong. I ventured to my nearest home improvement center and bought what the staff suggested for cleaning grout myself. Came home, wife’s been bugging me for weeks to clean up, and I spent the next hour on my hands and knees trying to scrape up all the dirt from my grout with a freakin’ toothbrush, and I felt like a fool, wasting lots of time.

After Groutrageous grout cleaner step #1So, I hopped on the internet, looked around and came across your website. Gave you guys a call on your toll-free number and spoke to Iris, who was very nice and helpful and told me about your Groutrageous grout cleaner, and even told me about your brush to prevent me from being on my hands and knees like I was last time. She even guaranteed it would work. Decided to give that a try, couple days later I had the product in my hands (fast shipping, by the way) and it was every bit as good as Iris made it out to be. Not only is your Groutrageous an outstanding grout cleaner, the brush did keep me off the floor and made the job go even faster. I was able to save a few hundred dollars over having people come out and do it. Thanks, I’ll be a repeat customer for a long time.

Danny, PA     Return to Top

I just cleaned my heavily soiled grout in two entryways and my family room with Groutrageous. When I say heavily soiled I mean it – it was oily dirt and deeply ground into a cream color grout. I had cleaned it on hands and knees two years prior with products from Home Depot and nearly killed myself! So I was not looking forward to the process, but with Groutrageous, it was so much easier. The cleaner did the hard work, not me. The grout brush is great too – no bending or crawling on the floor. Great product – the best I have ever used! My grout looks brand new – really! I’d definitely recommend it to anybody. A million thanks!

Jill B., Houston TX     Return to Top

I bought your Groutrageous Grout Cleaner, and it works. That’s not just a “oh, it works”, that’s a “WOW, that works AMAZING!”. I’ll be a repeat customer for a looong time. Thank you!

Steve M., TX     Return to Top

Hello GroutCleaningStore – or should I say GroutCleaningExperts,

I bought one of your Ladybug vapor grout/tile cleaning machines a few days ago and just received it about 2 hours prior to this email. Let me say that in addition to the very fast shipping, in the past 2 hours using this machine I’ve been able to get my grout and tiles looking absolutely incredible. Never in a million years would I have thought that having cleaner floors would actually make my house FEEL better as well as look better. It’s a great feeling being able to have such spotless floors in such a short time, it’s also great for when company comes over and I need to touch up a few spots.

P.S. Please give Iris my sincere thanks for taking the time to explain how the Ladybug works and all the other little details about it. She did an excellent job and definitely deserves a raise! I owe my wonderfully clean floor to her.

B. Reiser, IL     Return to Top

Dear Groutrageous,

I own veterinarian offices throughout the United States, and our Chicago office is the most popular.
We must have the grossest, dirtiest grout that you have ever seen due to the high volume of traffic coming in and tons of animal urine, shedding, etc in the kennel. Just plain nasty.

We typically have a grout cleaning company come in and take care of this every 6 months, and we literally pay thousands of dollars for this service. Running a business today is expensive and we’re always looking for ways to save, so when I found your product on the Internet I decided to give it a try and purchased 4 gallons of Groutrageous, 2 bottles of step-2 grout rinse, and 3 grout brushes with poles.

When our box arrived I actually laughed, because when I took out the grout brushes they were the exact same ones the professionals used! Since using it, our grout is as clean as ever, and I was actually shocked how good the resulting grout looked, I never would have thought it would be able to clean up such a mess! Even the girls in the office ordered some for their own homes because of how well it worked.

As a business owner, I feel that it was a good choice to use Groutrageous because it saves us thousands of dollars and were able to stop using the other companies services. That means more money in our bank account.

Again, thanks a lot Groutrageous!

Dr. Greg Dylan, IL     Return to Top

Dear Robert,

I’m the owner of a printing company, we do letterheads, business cards, menus, anything on paper really. I wanted to write in to tell you what a help Groutrageous has been around the place. We have lots of industrial equipment here, including super thick inks and dyes and other pretty hazardous stuff, and we spill them sometimes and it mixes in with the dirt and grime already there from years of, well, being a floor.

When it was finally time to do something about the look of our floors, going to professional grout cleaning companies was fruitless. They all charge so much money! We’re a relatively small business, so saving any little bit always helps. So, I went online to look for a better solution and that’s how I came across Groutrageous. Reading your website and testimonials convinced me to buy it and the brush and give it a shot, and I’m glad I did. This stuff is really powerful, it actually got out old dried printing ink and dirt and who knows what else and made the grout look great!

Cliff Torvald, NM     Return to Top

I just want to thank all of you for talking me into buying your Groutrageous products when I came into your store 2 weeks ago and explained how bad my grout looked. I told you that I thought that I would either have to replace all of the grout in my kitchen and dining room or have someone come out and charge me an arm and a leg to do what I did myself for pennies. I did exactly what you told me to do step by step. Now my floors look beautiful. It looks just like it did when I had the tile put in seven years ago.

I will recommend Groutrageous to all of my friends and neighbors! Thanks again for all of your help.

Caron Levine, FL     Return to Top

Just a quick note Robert to thank you for all your help. Your expert advice and knowledge regarding cleaning my tile and grout was a blessing. My old bathroom looks new again!!

I had someone come in and give me a quote after speaking to you. I realized that you knew what you were talking about. My husband couldn’t believe how much money we saved by doing it ourselves.

Thanks so much!

Debbie Farrow, FL     Return to Top

We (my wife and I) just wanted to drop a line and tell you how great your grout cleaner works. After wasting tons of money at the local Home Depot on harsh chemicals that didn’t do the job we decided to give you guys a try and it paid off wonderfully! Our floor has never been cleaner! We’ve already told our friends and family, so get ready for more orders!

Many thanks,

Josh and Sally Copan, Texas     Return to Top

Our new tiling quickly becomes very dirty due to our children, and Groutrageous is simply the best grout cleaning solution out there. I have used a few other degrouting products and simply none of them get my tile as clean and new-looking as yours. Bar none, Groutrageous grout cleaner is the best out there. Period. Thank you for the amazing help!

Justin, CO     Return to Top

Our grout looks like new and we didn’t have to replace it. We didn’t believe it’d work, especially as good as it did. Love your product, thanks!

Robert, HI     Return to Top

After a few months living with dirty floors, we got a price estimate from a local company that was in the thousands for cleaning the grout from our tile floors throughout our home. While looking for better and cheaper alternatives, we came across your easy to read and informative website, took the chance and bought your stuff. The minute it touched the floor we could tell a difference, it’s unbelievable. We’ve even emailed you guys before and after pictures to show you what a difference you have made in our home and in our lives.

Thank you very much!

Brittany, OH     Return to Top

I’m actually a previous customer of yours, I found your degrouter at a local home
improvement show and loved it. Since then I’ve looked all over the place to buy some more because of how great it worked, and I finally found your website. Now I’ve since re-ordered online 3 separate times now and it’s always as good as it was the first time I used it. It’s the best!

Karen, WA     Return to Top

I know it’s a short email, but I just wanted to let you know what a great help Groutrageous has been around the kitchen and bathroom. Thank you!

Paul, MI     Return to Top

Why bother paying somebody hundreds of dollars to do something you could easily do yourself at home? This is a quote from Robert, the owner of the company, and it couldn’t be truer. Your Groutrageous product makes it so easy to clean up all the years of disgusting grout and dirt built up on our tiles there really is no need at all to overpay somebody to do it for you.

George Lipton, CA     Return to Top

I’m the owner of Prince Hotel, a hotel on the beach here in Florida and needless to say our tiling can get disgustingly out of hand. I’ve paid outside companies to come in and degrout before and they NEVER had them as clean as I’ve had them with Groutrageous grout cleaner. Your product is a huge help, and has made a lasting impression on me. We will continue to be a repeat customer for as long as we are both in business.

R. Lawrence, FL     Return to Top

I own my own grout cleaning company here in Chicago, and though the product we’ve been using over the last few years has been good, Groutrageous grout cleaner completely blows it away. Not only does it clean our customers’ tile twice as good as our previous solution, but it also does it faster. Since then we’ve exclusively used Groutrageous and offer it to our customers in our retail store. You’ve provided a product that sells itself, thank you!

Pat, IL     Return to Top

I am the pastor at a small, local Church here in the great state of Minnesota, and I’d like to take the time to let you know how wonderful your product is. Our lobby and bathrooms are floored with really nice tile, and they can get extremely dirty, especially when people track in dirt in bad weather. Groutrageous grout cleaner makes it much easier to clean up, and afterwards our tile looks like new and is more hygienic, and our congregation taken notice. May God bless you, your company and your family.

Reverend Christopher R., MI     Return to Top

Just wanted to take a second to let you know what a great product you have. I own a cleaning service that mainly services hotels, restaurants and other large buildings. It used to take a while to fully service an average hotel, but with your Groutrageous grout cleaner and brush it takes half the time because it’s so powerful it just eats up all the dirty grout instantaneously. It literally is the single best grout cleaning product on the market and I can’t imagine going back to using our previous product. Now, I use it at home personally, and recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you so much!

Pete S., NJ     Return to Top

the grout cleaning store the grout cleaning store

Hi, my name is Tom. My wife and I bought your product at a home show in Miami, Florida. We bought your Groutrageous cleaning product and brush at the show about a year ago and finally got to use it recently, and it’s amazing what it did to our kitchen grout. It looks like it did when it was brand-new. I told my neighbor, who then placed an order with you the next day after seeing my kitchen and what an improvement it made. I attached pictures to this email showing the floor before and after and we still can’t get over how drastic the change is.

Tom, Gainesville, FL     Return to Top

Your grout cleaner worked wonders on our tile, thanks!

Steve, CA     Return to Top

I’m the co-owner of M&N Tile Restoration, and I thought I’d drop a line telling you what a wonder your Groutrageous grout cleaner is. We install new tile and repair/clean old existing tile. When installing new tile we always recommend using your Groutrageous cleaner and brush when it eventually becomes dirty, because it simply works the best and we want nothing less for our customers. When we repair and clean existing tile, we have a steady supply of your Groutrageous grout cleaner in our trucks waiting to be used. They go fast, we use it a lot, and we also recommend it to our customers for themselves to use because it’s so great. In fact, our cleaning supervisor has personally taken pictures of before/after jobs we’ve completed and emailed them to you to take a look at what a difference your product really makes.

Thanks again,

Mark, El, CA     Return to Top

A few weeks ago we went to a Lowes hardware shop around here to get some grout cleaner, and came out with 2 different products. Unfortunately, neither one of them worked very well, so after doing some research online we found your website and bought your Groutrageous grout cleaner and brush. Within the first 10 minutes we could already see your product running circles around the others, and was even able to get out all the mold and mildew built up in our bathroom along with the grout, of course.

Harrison, Seattle WA     Return to Top

My wife and I are the owners of a pretty busy Bed and Breakfast here in St. Augustine, and are living testaments to how well Groutrageous grout cleaner works. Some people just don’t know how to clean up after themselves, so we constantly have a dirty bathroom. When I say dirty, I mean diiiiiirty. Without your professional grout cleaner our tiles wouldn’t be anywhere near as clean as they are now. Groutrageous can get rid of even the deepest, dirtiest grout imaginable and is simply the best grout cleaner in existence. Thank you so much!

Al Durvix, CA     Return to Top

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