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Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Steam Cleaning System



  • Powerful 1600 Watt Heating Element
  • Produces 270°F-280°F Steam 
  • 75 PSI Max Steam Pressure 
  • Largest Stainless Biler in its Class
  • 3 Hours Work Time on a Single Fill 
  • Solenoid Operated Steam Control
  • Water Level Indicator Dipstick 
  • Commercial Grade Construction 
  • Adjustable Steam Output
  • Cleans & Sanitizes Without Chemicals
  • On-Board Storage Basket
  • 1 Gallon Tank
  • 15′ Power Cord 
  • 8′ Steam Hose


The Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Steam Cleaner is perfectly described; as the Italian word “Ottimo” means ultimate and that’s what this heavy duty steam cleaning system is. The Ottimo is suitable for heavy-duty homes or light-duty commercial use and was engineered after years of customer feedback and development to achieve this commercial power within a machine that is small and lightweight in design.
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The Vapamore Ottimo Steam Cleaner is a one gallon capacity stainless steel boiler tank that can last up to three hours of steam cleaning power; it utilizes a powerful 75 psi max steam pressure, 1600 watt heater, dual thermoset operation; it has an eight feet long hose, along with a fifteen feet power cord, all in a lightweight steel construction, and the amazing Vapamore Lifetime Warranty.


The Ottimo also comes with an assortment of accessories for your ultimate cleaning experience. Accessories include a floor cleaning head, a jet nozzle, a detail nozzle, a smooth surface squeegee, an accessory basket, and storage bag. This is just a few of the twenty-four included cleaning accessories. The Ottimo also features a long steam hose with a fifteen-foot power cord, dual thermostat operation, heavy-duty castor wheels.


The Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo is capable to take care of those disgusting messes and sanitize your whole home or small office all chemical free.



  • Power Supply: 120 V 60 HZ
  • Heat Element: 1600 W
  • Steam Pressure: 5.2 BAR – 75 PSI Max
  • Boiler Temp: 150°C- 302°F
  • Boiler Size: 1 Gallon
  • Fill Capacity: 2.8 L
  • Steam Time: 3 Hours Max
  • Tip Temp: 140°C – 284°F Peak
  • Heating Time Full: 20 Min
  • Steam Hose Length: 8 Ft
  • Power Cord Length: 15 Ft


MR-750 Steam Cleaner Includes:

  • Steam Gun & Hose
  • (2) Extension Tubes
  • Smooth Surface Floor
  • Micro Fiber Floor Pad
  • Large Elbow Adapter
  • Detail Jet Tool
  • Bed Bug / Clothes Steamer
  • Small Cotton Covers
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup Accessory Tool Adapter
  • Scraper Tool
  • Angle Jet Tip
  • Nylon Grout Brush
  • Nylon Medium Brush
  • Nylon Large Brush
  • Small Brass Brush
  • Large Brass Brush
  • Small Horse Hair Brush
  • Large Horse Hair Brush
  • Stainless Steel Large Brush
  • Water Level Dipstick
  • Extra O-Rings
  • Accessory Storage Bag



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