10 Ways To Use The Ladybug Steam Cleaner Around Your Home

Household Applications for the Ladybug
The Professional Vapor Steam Cleaning System

Ladybug Steam Cleaning Wood FloorLadybug Vapor Steam Cleaners can be used for a variety of cleaning needs. The most popular attachments for common cleaning tasks are included for free in our packages. Common uses include cleaning of tile or wood floors, carpets, bathrooms, fixtures, walls, showers, grout, stains, cars, etc. All of our units are meant to be used without the addition of any chemicals – for safe chemical free cleaning. In addition, our units with the optional patented TANCS system offer true hospital-grade disinfection during the steaming process – unique to the industry. This feature is popular for units used within daycare settings, hospitals, or anywhere the highest level of cleanliness is required.


Steam clean parquet floorSteam clean wood floorSteam clean linoleum floorSteam clean wood moldings

Clean baseboards and ceramic tile, hardwood and vinyl floors without getting on your hands and knees. No chemical residue is left behind and no caustic chlorine compounds coat the surface where kids and pets spend much of their time.

Walls & Ceilings

Steam clean glass blocksSteam clean wallsSteam clean ceilingsClean and freshen wainscot, walls and ceilings with out resorting to stools and ladders, or having to stoop and bend to clean lower areas. No need for drop clothes to cover surrounding furniture or equipment, or messy, heavy water buckets . The process is mess free, quiet and fast. Very quick to dry as well. Great for pre-paint cleaning, dust and mold removal.

Carpets and Rugs

Steam clean area rugsSteam clean stairsFreshen and deodorize carpets, rugs and mats and leave no chemical residue behind. Remove spots from spills, pet urine, chewing gum, even the existing toxic residue from traditional cleaning. Plus, heat sanitizes without over-wetting, so carpets dry in less than 15 minutes.

Automobiles / Cars

Steam clean baby seatsSteam clean car interiorsDetail car interiors: upholstery, carpet, headliners, door panels, windows, infant seats, and vents—even chrome wheels. The steam vapor system removes tough odors and, because it uses so little water, there’s no lengthy drying time or musty smell from moisture being trapped inside the car.


Steam clean refrigeratorsSteam clean stove racksSteam clean dirty stoveWith plenty of moisture and organic material lying about, your kitchen is a notorious playground for germs. The vapor system kills mold and mildew on contact. Thoroughly clean ovens, ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators, inside and out—without heavy scrubbing. Sanitize hard surfaces while removing dust, grease, grime and carbon. Remove residue from corners and crevices and target the source of contamination.


Steam clean toilet bowlsSteam clean bathroom countertopsSteam clean toiletsSteam clean bathroom showersKeep your bathroom better than hospital-clean without harsh chlorine or ammonia! Sanitize and deodorize toilets, tile, grout, baseboards and vinyl floors. Get mirrors and glass to sparkle! Thoroughly clean vents, bathtubs, slow moving drains, fiberglass shower stalls, aluminum and chrome.


Steam clean blindsSteam clean windowsSteam clean windowsillClean windows, window tracks, mirrors, window screens, window frames, latches, and Levelor®-type blinds.

Upholstery & Mattresses

Steam clean upholsterySteam clean tile floorsSteam clean kids toysFreshen, deodorize, and brighten upholstered surfaces, remove spots, kill germs and dust mites in mattresses, remove pet hair and kill fleas and their eggs. Sanitize everything in a baby’s nursery without harmful chemicals and detergents. Kill germs on toy surfaces, even stuffed animals!


Steam clean outdoor awningsSteam clean floor gratesSteam clean brick wallsRemove fresh oil spots and spills on your driveway. Kill weeds & moss in pavement cracks without chemicals or pollutants. Clean tools, small equipment, sporting equipment, and outdoor decks, too. Remove algae and fungus from wood or metal and oxidation from aluminum. It’s also great for pre-paint prep work. Great on boats and RVs, too.


Steam clean golf clubsSteam clean closet doorsSteam clean workbenchesOur revolutionary steam vapor system also has many non-cleaning applications. You can defrost freezers, thaw frozen pipes, dust and mist live plants, and polish jewelry, to name just a few.

Steam clean kitchen sinks

The Dust Mite R.I.P.

The microscopic dust mite lives in our clothes, mattresses, carpets and upholstery and is responsible for a host of common allergic reactions. The traditional treatment—laundering the suspect item at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or treating it with a tannic acid solution—is difficult at best with carpets, couches, mattresses, or your best suit coat (which probably is the most highly contaminated).

Ladybug®’s dry steam vapor system spells doom for the poor mite, penetrating these surfaces with temperatures in excess of 220 degrees Fahrenheit —without over-wetting (important because these critters thrive in a humid environment). After treatment, vacuum thoroughly with a HEPA equipped vacuum to remove any particulate matter for a resounding death knell for your dust mite problems.

An added bonus? Bedbugs, fleas, eggs and larvae are also killed by short-term exposure to high temperature (unlike chemicals, which have no effect on the eggs). Plus there are no poisons left behind to harm children, pets, or contaminate your indoor environment.

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