#1 Carpet Shampoo for Koblenz Machines - 32oz or Gallon Bottles

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Carpet Shampoo for Koblenz
Stain remover and carpet shampoo for koblenz cleaning machines

Kirby Allergen Control Formula Carpet Shampoo for carpet cleaning machines.

Carpet Shampoo for Koblenz – Allergen Control Formula

Carpet Shampoo
for use with Koblenz Machines
Our Price: $12.95 MSRP: 17.95

Carpet Shampoo Quickly Cleans Carpets – Kirby Carpet Shampoo contains a powerful ingredient that neutralizes the household dust mite allergen, a leading cause of allergic reactions. Results from independent laboratory testing have shown that the dust mite waste allergen is neutralized by this ingredient.

With its unique dry foam formula, Kirby Carpet Shampoo quickly cleans carpets and contains special soil repelling ingredients .It’s carpet safe (6.0 pH level) and helps restore your carpets with regular use.

Carpet Shampoo Product Features: Great for Koblenz

  • Cleans and brightens carpets
  • Neutralizes dust mite allergens and reduces allergens caused by pollen, dust and danders
  • Dry foam formula prevents over wetting of carpets

Kirby Carpet Shampoo for Koblenz Carpet Cleaning Machines

Kirby Carpet Shampoo with Kirby Guard TechnologyKirby Home Care Products

1. Vacuum thoroughly with your Koblenz unit prior to shampooing.
2. Fill carpet shampoo tank with warm water to top line.
3. Add 3 tank caps full of Carpet Shampoo – Shake gently to mix.
4. One full tank will shampoo approx one 10’ x 12’ carpet.
5. Vacuum thoroughly with your Kirby unit when carpet is dry.

For very soiled areas, treat area with Kirby Shampoo Pre-Treatment for Heavy Traffic Areas prior to shampooing. For spots, use the appropriate Kirby Stain or Spot Remover product prior to shampooing. Kirby Spray Gun: Full with water to water line, add shampoo to fill line (9 bottle caps full). Less than 5% : Anionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, allergen denaturant, EDTA, fragrance, and preservatives. Note: if you have a fragrance allergy, use Kirby Unscented Carpet Shampoo.

Important: Test for color fastness. Use clean white cloth, rub carpet shampoo on a hidden part of carpet. If carpet changes color or color transfers to cloth.

Carpet Shampooing Machines

Koblenz p2600 Carpet Shampooer

Koblenz P-2600
Top of The Line
Price: $269.00

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Koblenz P820A Carpet Shampooer

Koblenz P-820-A
Size: 32 oz.
Price: $269.00

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Replacement Brushes for Koblenz

carpet shampoo brush

Carpet Shampoo Brush
Online Price: $34.50

Koblenz Carpet Shampoo Brush offers the following replacement brush to deep clean carpets with shampoo foam. Does not require soaking. Do not use with pads.

tile scrubbing brush

Tile Scrubbing Brush
Price: $34.50

Koblenz Scrubbing Brush, great scrubbing application for cleaning grout and tile. Koblenz Tile Scrubbing Brush removes imbedded dirt and grime on any hard floor. Do not use on carpets. This brush also works as a base for pads.

Grout Cleaner for Koblenz Cleaning Machines

Step #1 Groutrageous Grout Cleaner

Step #1 Grout Cleaner by Groutrageous
1 Quart
Special Price: $19.95

Grout and tile maintainer

Step #3 Tile & Grout Maintainer
1 Gallon
Special Price: $34.95