#1 Grout and Tile Maintainer | No Haze, Stays Clean, and Removes Odors
Step #3 Grout and Tile Maintainer

Groutrageous Grout and Tile Maintainer
Maintain your Grout and Tile with professional cleaning products – Use as your everyday cleaner!

Professional Grout Maintainer Available to The Public!

Step #3 – Groutrageous Tile Cleaner
Our Price: $44.95 MSRP: 54.95
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Grout and tile Maintainer and Restoration

STEP #3 Groutrageous™ Grout and Tile Cleaner has a neutral pH formula that will not haze any floor finishes. Keeps your grout and tile clean longer than the supermarket/bargain brands. Special deodorants neutralize sour mop odors. Special No-Rinse formula, leaves a fresh clean fragrance!

This Tile Cleaner is the final step in making sure your tiles shine, stay clean and deodorized longer.

Uses for STEP #3 Groutrageous™ Grout & Tile Maintainer:
Tile • Grout • Toilet Bowls • Wash Bins • Bath Tubs • Showers
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Add the Tile Floor Brush & Microfiber Cloth with your Step #3 Tile Cleaner

Tile cleaning brush and microfiber floor cleaning pad great for use with step #3 tile cleaner

Tile Floor Brush & Microfiber Cleaning Pad for Step #3 Tile Cleaner

Online Price: $32.90 MSRP: $37.9

Great for Maintaining Tile
& Everyday Tile Restoration

After using STEP #1 and STEP #2. Use Groutrageous
Grout & Tile Cleaner to restore your tile like new.

Grout and Tile Cleaner is an everyday tile floor cleaner.

How to Use Grout & Tile Cleaner:
Damp mopping: Dilute 4 oz. per gallon of water. Apply as you would an ordinary cleaner. No need to rinse!
Automatic scrubbers: Dilute 2 oz. per gallon of water. Apply, scrub and pickup as you would ordinary low-foam cleaners. No need to rinse!

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Step #1 Groutrageous Grout Cleaner

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