Ladybug 2300-T Vapor Steam Cleaner (with Ratings, SPECS and Manuals)

Ladybug 2300-TANCS Accessories

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Residential or Household Applications

Ladybug 2300-T Vapor Steam Cleaner

Ladybug 2300-T
Vapor Steam Cleaner

Online Price: $1875.00
MSRP: $2075


The Ladybug 2300-T Steam Cleaner is the top of the line dry steam vapor unit excellent for large homes over 2500 square feet. The Ladybug XL2300-T comes with TANCS.

Ladybug XL2300-T Steam Cleaner Features


Best in Class


3 Years Parts / 8 Years Boiler

Water Capacity Boiler/Reservoir

2.0/1.8 quarts

Continuous Fill



66 psi

Pressure Gauge

YES Regulates required level of steam


Heat / 298° F

Heating Power (watts)

1,700 Watts



Chemical Free


Ease of Use

Unit on wheels, flexible hose

Fingertip Controls



Low water light with audible signal

Weight(without water)

16lbs 10oz

Onboard Tool Caddy


Larger Wheels


Number of Attachments Included

13 standard accessories included

Manufacturer’s Suggested Price

MSRP: $1,899

Tool Kit ($30 Value)

FREE – This Month Only

Ladybug 2300-T Owners Manual

Requires PDF Reading Software

Download: 2300-T Owners Manual

Ladybug 2300-TANCS Accessories

More Info – Ladybug 2300 TANCS
The Ladybug 2300 with TANCS has the greatest pressure and highest temperature of 298 degrees of any of the Ladybug Steam Cleaners. It only takes 120F to kill bed bugs. Bacteria and mold are no match for this large capacity water tank with the ability to continuously fill the steam cleaner without loosing steam. This unit is excellent for large homes over 2500 square feet.

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